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ADDRESS: Curtin Shops | 31-35 Curtin Place, Curtin ACT 2605
PHONE: (02) 6281 0990 | EMAIL: jana@curtinvet.com.au

Curtin Veterinary Clinic

Free Walking Club

Come and join us with your dog on Saturday mornings at 7.30am for a companionable walk through Curtin’s lovely walking tracks and paths...

Clinic Location

Puppy Preschool

Puppy classes are a must for any owner wanting a well-behaved, friendly and sociable dog. These lessons are designed for puppies between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks...

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The Curtin Veterinary Clinic is located right in the middle of the Curtin Shops. I am Dr Jana and together with our nurses, we would love to become your pet’s personal vet.

We provide a high level of veterinary service comprising an advanced level of medical and surgical care. Our clinic has been especially designed to maximise comfort for your pets and to minimise any stress. Cats and dogs enjoy their own segregated consult rooms and surgical wards. Feline and canine pheromone diffusers in those areas ensure a relaxed atmosphere.  

We’re here to listen to your needs and that of your furry family. Please look through our website and get to know us, our own pets and the services we provide.  

Oh, and… meet Snoopy, the Beagle… he is Dr Jana’s constant companion and comes to work with her every day.  Why don’t you pop in and say hello!

Opening hours:

Mon-Fridays 8am till 6pm

Thursdays 8am till 7pm

Saturdays 8.30am till 12pm

Phone: (02) 6281 0990

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Why Choose Us?

At the Curtin Veterinary Clinic not only do we want to care for your pet, we take our time to get to know you and your pet on a more personal level. We have found in the past that dogs and cats tend to be more relaxed with a routine approach of the same vet, same consult room each time. It makes it easier for us to give you great service, by knowing your pet well. We’re your pet’s personal vet! read more>

Curtin Veterinary Clinic

Location Map
Curtin Shops
31-35 Curtin Place,
Curtin ACT 2605

Curtin Veternary Clinic Canberra