Blood Donor Program


To ensure all blood products used are of the optimum quality, we recommend donors to be a larger breed dog, aged one to six years of age with current vaccinations including heartworm prevention, and have a friendly and calm demeanour. Donors should not be on any form of medication and should live relatively close to the surgery.

An admission into our clinic is required where we will do a physical examination and a small blood test to assess your pet’s health status.

The procedure is very similar to that for people, except that the jugular vein (the one in the neck) is used rather than the vein in the arm. A patch of hair over this area must be clipped and cleaned (the hair will grow back). Your dog must sit quietly for about 15 minutes while the pack of blood is collected. Blood donors can safely donate every four weeks, however we normally leave at least 6-8 weeks between donations (often longer depending on demand).

The procedure is very safe, and the blood cells donated will be replaced by the bone marrow over the next few days. Nevertheless, we recommend that your furry companion be given a few days rest from strenuous exercise after donating blood.

We are very grateful to all our donors.  As a thank you we will provide a complimentary 12 monthly health check with vaccination and intestinal wormer after giving blood. If you are interested in your pet helping others in an emergency please contact our reception desk and we will provide you with all the necessary details. Numbers are strictly limited.

Curtin Veterinary Clinic Canberra

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