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More than 40% of dogs and one-third of cats in Australia are overweight or obese. Shortened life expectancy, arthritis, heart and respiratory problems, cancer, a reduced resistance to infection and diabetes are all associated with increased weight.

Because of this increasing obesity problem in pets, Curtin Veterinary Clinic runs a free weight loss program for our “heavier” animal companions.  We will calculate the correct food intake and recommend the best diet for your pet, to reach a suitable weight loss goal over a calculated period of time. Our nurse will weigh in your pet on a fortnightly basis and chart the weight to ensure you are on the right track of attaining your weight loss goal for your pet.  

Please book in for your free weight check for your pet.

You can also refer to the weight charts for ideal weight ranges of certain breeds of dogs. Please be aware that the weight chart is only a guide and each individual pet will vary from this chart. It is still better for a veterinarian to assess the weight of your pet.

Together we can do it!  You will love the new lease on life your pet will get!

Curtin Veterinary Clinic slimmers club
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