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Puppy Preschool should be seen as important to your puppy’s long-term health as vaccinations and good nutrition, as it offers you the chance to positively influence how your puppy will interact with other dogs and people for the rest of its life.

Many pet owners are under the impression that if they have prior experience with puppies or have a house full of other dogs that Puppy Preschool is not necessary for their puppy. However, Puppy Preschool offers far more to puppy owners than simple basic training or the chance for their puppy to interact with other dogs.


 Socialisation needs to occur early in our puppy’s lives so that they have the best opportunity to grow into confident, friendly members of the community. Puppy preschool is a ‘safe way’ to socialise. Our qualified trainer will also provide puppy training tips and there are always vet nurses available to answer health questions.

Many people still think that their puppy is too young or unable to attend ‘school’ at this age because of the threat of infectious diseases however puppy preschools were specifically designed as a way to meet the vital need for exposure and socialisation in a clean, safe, supervised environment.


The course runs for four weeks and uses the force free training techniques. This means our trainer will not be recommending any technique which relies on pain or intimidation.

General training may include behaviours such as settling around distractions, sit, drop, wait and touch. More importantly our trainer will help you understand your puppy’s behaviour.


There is so much information out there we want to make sure we are giving you the most up to date, details on puppy behaviour.

Our puppy classes are run by Jess McNamara-Rice. Jess is a highly qualified behavioural trainer. As well as being qualified through the Australian Delta Society, Jess has also completed a Diploma in Advanced Animal Behaviour and Canine Aggression. She has extensive experience with rescue dogs and assistance dogs. For more information view her business website: www.abcdog.biz 

All puppies must be between 6 and 14 weeks old (at the start of puppy class) and have had their first vaccination. Bookings are essential so we can keep classes to a minimum.

Please contact our vet clinic for further information or to book your puppy a place. Phone (02) 6281 0990.

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