Water safety

Summer is a great time of year to get your pet involved in fun family water activities. Whether you are going to the beach, a river or just staying at home by the pool, these water safety tips will help you and your pet, enjoy a splashtastic summer.

  • Watch out for stingers, jellyfish and snakes. We aren’t the only creatures that like to come out and play during summer; also watch out for some of our native wildlife as they usually don’t appreciate our furry friends.
  • Prevent beach scavenging. There are some fantastically smelly items by the waterside, but many of these can be harmful to your pet.
  • Use a life jacket. If you are out on a boat or paddleboat, a life jacket is a great way to protect your pet if they fall in.
  • Carry clean water with you. If your pet is thirsty, it is likely they will go for the closest source of water which can upset their stomachs. Make sure you have fresh, clean water on hand for your pet.
  • Ingestion of large amounts of salt water can also lead to salt toxicity so keep an eye on your pet at the beach and make sure they don’t drink the whole ocean!
  • Be cautious about blue-green algae – this is found in many lakes in Canberra and is highly toxic to dogs. It is important to look out for algae or for signage which reports algae and avoid these areas. If you suspect your pet has contact or consumed blue-green algae get them to a vet ASAP.
  • Wash your pet. Make sure to wash your pet after your water activity.

For more tips on water safety, speak to our team!

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