Why Choose Us?

Curtin Veterinary Clinic Canberra
1. Personal Service – continuity of cases

We’re local! Not only do we want to care for your pet, we take our time to get to know you and your pet on a more personal level. We have found in the past that dogs and cats tend to be more relaxed with a routine approach of the same vet, same consult room each time. It makes it easier for us to give you great service, by knowing your pet well. We’re your pet’s personal vet!

2. Minimal waiting times

We pride ourselves on being punctual and run on time to the best of our ability.  Sometimes emergencies happen, however we will endeavour to ring you if time permits to re-schedule your appointment.

3. Expertise

To deliver an exceptional service, we ensure that all our staff are highly trained and knowledgeable.  Be assured that when you come in or phone for information, you will receive correct and the latest recommendations.  We regularly attend seminars and conferences and continually update our knowledge in the veterinary field.

4. Pricing:

We do not have monetary targets or a bonus structure. Your pet will never be recommended a treatment that does not help them. The cost of any treatment will always be discussed in advance.

5. Community Spirit

 😎 Saturday Morning Dog Walking Club! It’s Free!  Read more…

Blood donor program –

Like humans, animals that suffer from trauma, anaemia or bleeding disorders can also require life-saving blood transfusions. We are always looking for new recruits to join our blood donor program. Read more…

Work Experience Program –

Every year we take in veterinary students from various universities around Australia to help further expose them to medical and surgical cases, therefore we only have limited places available for Year 10 students.  To be considered for work experience placement,  please click on protocol if you’d like to apply.

Hospital Tours –

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of a veterinary clinic, we can organise a clinic tour.  Please contact us if you’re interested in taking part in a guided clinic tour.

Pet Education in Primary Schools –

As part of our role in the community we regularly visit local primary schools to educate the younger members of our community on pet care. Tips on grooming, nutrition, general health, safety around strange animals and much more is provided.

Curtin Veterinary Clinic Canberra
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